Biograd na Moru

Croatias Finest Dhruv Baker masterchef in Biograd

City Biograd na Moru, in cooperation with the Tourist Board of Biograd na Moru, was one of the hosts for the filming of the first Croatian culinary travelogue in English, Croatia’s Finest, which stars British MasterChef Dhruv Baker.

This culinary guru was first introduced to the heritage of Biograd Riviera and surrounding areas in the Regional Museum. Then walked through the city and met the cultural heritage, and then he went to the tavern called Barba where he tasted the local specialties such as smoked sea bass and fresh anchovies in a red sauce.

A visit to a tuna farm was something that Mr. Baker was most impressed with.  “Tuna is a fish i adore and love to cook with. And when I have such fresh Adriatic fish- which due to its quality one of the most respected in the world-I have no doubt about what I’m going to prepare in this city .’- said British MasterChef.

Carpaccio of tuna and tuna steaks with Swiss chard, potatoes and a salad of finely chopped tomatoes, anchovies and black olives with olive oil were delicacies with whom Mr. Baker completed journey in this town with. Biograd mayor, Mr. Ivan Knez, who joined Croatia’s Finest’s team on the set in the Red Luka, was pretty amazed by this dish.







Biograd na Moru




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