Dhruv Baker cooking in Koprivnica Croatia

In 1934 the Wolf brothers established a fruit processing plant in Koprivnica. It was a forerunner of what is today one of the largest food companies in this part of Europe. The plant was later on turned into the Podravka Food Museum that now houses numerous pieces dating back to the very beginnings of food production. For this reason, the museum was also the first place Mr. Baker visited during his time in Koprivnica. After a tour of the museum, Dhruv learned about the etymology of the word Koprivnica from his co-presenter Rajana Radosavljev. As it happens, Koprivnica was named after the nettle, a herb that is still an ingredient in a host of tasty dishes, such as those that they tried in a local alehouse – soups and nettle strukli.

And so, nettle ended up being the main ingredient of the dish prepared by the British MasterChef in the pavilion – nettle gnocchi in a white sauce.
Next up, it was time to discover the city, its ancient crafts and customs. And what better way to do it than on a bicycle! This time Drhuv was joined by his second co-presenter Adrijana Dejanović.
The next stop was the restaurant Podravska klet where Mr. Baker, together with Mr. Dražen Đurišević, the chef at Podravska klet, prepared a meat stew known as kotlovina.

What exactly does a renaissance feast taste like in a city famous for its Renaissance Festival? Well, our culinary wizard found out at the end of this shoot, also at Podravska klet, where the feast was prepared by Podravka especially for Croatia’s Finest.







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