Dhruv Baker cooking Krk Island Croatia

One of the location, the island of Krk. Upon arrival in Baska star of the series, the British MasterChef Dhruv Baker, first met with the national cultural monument of the Croatian people, Baska tablet, document Croatian statehood from the year 1100.  ‘I am absolutely fascinated by the story of the Baska tablet and totally impressed by all Croatian cultural heritage and legacy with which I have so far met .’- said Mr. Dhruv Baker.  Then he walked and Baska Glagolitic path consisting of 34 stone sculptures formed in the trail that runs through Baska, and are a monument of lasting value.

After getting acquainted with the cultural heritage g.Baker headed to the restaurant Cicibela in which he tasted shrimp marinated in citrus fruits and the local cottage cheese.

Inspired by the ‘flavors’ of Krk, g. Baker decided to prepare shellfish stew with šurlice in collaboration with chef Nino Rubinić from restaurant Cicibela right on the on the waterfront.

The other day of staying on the island began with breakfast at Heritage Hotel Forza where our MasterChef was thrilled by this indigenous breakfast that included povetica, bread with bacon, goat cheese and pepper and scrambled eggs with kastradina, sheep prosciutto dried in the wind. Then he headed to Vrbnik where he visited a winery and tavern Nada, owned by family Juranić, and got acquainted with the process of making Žlahtina wines, as well as with the process of the formation of champagne Nada which is taken to sea for five years.

‘Krk- what an Island! It is completely different from any other I have ever visited. The beaches impressed me very much, and people… such a hospitality and warmth … beautiful! Thanks Baška, thanks Vrbnik, thanks Krk! – added the British MasterChef.







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