Croatias Finest masterchef Dhruv Baker cooking in Losinj

The first stop on Lošinj was Mali Lošinj where the British MasterChef Dhruv Baker visited the newly opened Museum Apoxiomen, met with one-cuisine of the region thanks to the sommelier and chef of Jadranka hotel and walked Aromatic garden, nursery of the island medicinal herbs.
On the waterfront Mr.Baker cooked stew with fresh fish, which was specially for this occasion caught by Daniel Gospić, national champion in underwater fishing and former world champion.
‘Lošinj is absolutely beautiful and I can not wait to come back! Getting acquainted with the rich culture of the place, fishing, cooking with the best ingredients from the Adriatic Sea and herbs that I picked – I could not enjoy it more. And after three days on this beautiful island, I can say that I feel great and I look forward to getting to know new cities and customs. Because I am simply thrilled with everything I saw so far, and tasted, here in Croatia!- said Dhruv Baker.
One of the sites where this culinary travelogue was filmed was the island of Unije in which the British MasterChef visited the boškarin farm. Then he went to Veli Lošinj where the star of this travelogue visited the Blue World Institute where he saw the exhibition of dolphins. He was particularly impressed with the species that inhabit the area of the Lošinj-Cres archipelago. This Lošinj story was wrapped up with cooking another meal, risotto with crabs, that were caught during the shooting of one of the scenes.
We would like to thank the Tourist Board of Mali Lošinj for assisting in the organization.







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