Dhruv Baker cooking in Porec Croatia

This Istrian town, which ‘has’ more than 2,000 years, is widely known for its Roman and Byzantine heritage. This is why our chef virtuoso decided to ‘walk’ historical footsteps- walking roads at Decumanus and Cardo Maximus, which are preserved in their original form and are part of the old town center that is entirely a cultural monument. The next monument he visited, the geological however, was the cave Baredine near Poreč. The wealth of stalactites and stalagmites thrilled Mr. Baker who, for the first time, met with endemic Dinaric Karst – olm.  Full of impressions he went to the tavern Kvartin where he was warmly welcomed. There he tasted the pasta called fuži with pheasant sauce, fetine (steaks) in a white sauce on the crust of potatoes and monkfish in a sauce of Malvasia with asparagus.

After the tasting, Mr. Baker went to the island of St. Nicholas, where he was warmly greeted in the restaurant Miramare as part of Valamar Isabella Island Resort. There he tasted their best and most original Adriatic delicacies with lemon mousse, powder of olive oil and ‘sponge’ of strawberries and octopus tentacles with edible stones and marinated seaweed. Dessert that was served was very interesting- homemade ice cream of rosemary on almond tart and with ‘tear’ of Istrian wine. View from the island to Poreč is quite fascinating so that’s why this location was the perfect to be cooked on. Crispy aubergine with goat cheese and truffle honey was the dish that our culinary master prepared.







Biograd na Moru




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