Dhruv Baker cooking in Croatia


Croatia’s Finest is the first big Croatian culinary travelogue in English being filmed on locations across Croatia, and starring the British MasterChef Dhruv Baker. Twenty episodes (each 25 minutes in duration) are professionally produced and they present Croatia’s gastronomy, cities, natural attractions and products.

It all began thanks Mr. Alen Nemet, the show’s author, who visited every corner of Croatia several times and always thought that too few people on the planet were aware Croatia was one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and also unjustly underestimated in terms of its gastronomy. For that reason, he came up with a show that would challenge and change people’s perception of Croatia. He has come up with a concept for a show that is truly interesting, and that viewers will no doubt watch with enthusiasm.

In each episode we take a tour of Croatian cities and places that offer authentic cuisine in search of new culinary experiences and discoveries.

Even though the primary objective of Mr.Baker’s exploration in Croatia is gastronomy, the CF team and our MasterChef also visit all the most significant tourist attractions because we are interested in getting the whole picture about the places we visit. Of course, the most spectacular segment of each episode is the one where Mr.Baker, inspired by the tastes and sensations of a place, start cooking out in the open at an attractive location.

We always choose places where no one has cooked before, such as the Zlatni rat (Golden Horn) beach, the Pula Arena amphitheatre, the Sea Organ and Sun Salutation in Zadar, the Zrinjevac Park in Zagreb… It is important that Mr.Baker always prepare either authentic Croatian dishes or his own recipes with produce coming exclusively from the location at which he is  cooking.

Special attention is also paid to the luxury hotels Mr.Baker stays in, fine restaurants in the area, local family-run farms, agricultural cooperatives, wineries, breweries, pastry shops and so on, depending on what a particular location has to offer.


MAK PRODUCTION from Zagreb is in charge of production, and the show will be distributed by OPTIMUM TELEVISION from London.

Our creative team is made up by:

Alen Nemet – the show’s author and creative producer. He has twenty years of experience in producing shows on Croatian television as producer, editor, journalist and presenter

Deni Husta – director and director of photography. He gained his experience as director, cameraman and director of photography on projects in Croatia

Edvard Hudi – director of technical operations with experience in domestic and international productions

Tadija Kolovrat – executive producer of Croatia’s Finest who is also a producer of award-winning Croatian musicals

Over 20 people worked on the set, including directors, directors of photography, cameramen, sound engineers, costume designers, make-up artists, technicians, etc.







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