One of the stops on this great gastronomic journey was the town of Šibenik, one of the oldest Croatian cities. Due to the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty British MasterChef decided, under the watchful eye of the camera, to explore its history. First on the list was unavoidable St.Jacobs Cathedral  which is due to its exceptional value in 2000 included on the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage. After Cathedral Mr.Baker visited the medieval Mediterranean garden St. Lawrence which is the only one of its kind in Croatia.

A special place in it belongs to the collection of thyme with beautiful reddish, purple, gray, light green and dark green colored leaves with whom  was Mr. Baker pretty delighted with, just like with capers planted- in the cavities of walls. Museum St. Francis was the third station in which our  culinary magician visited library whose content is known outside the Croatian borders and is an integral part of the international cultural heritage.

Visibly impressed by the rich cultural legacy Mr.Baker decided to meet gastronomic ‘heritage’ of the city so he went to the tavern called Tomaseo. There he tasted appetizer made with chicken pate, honey, pears and truffles as a side dish. The main course was lamb confit served with ošmugalj (indigenous plant that resembles a slightly thicker chives and tastes very similar to Swiss chard and is known only to the area of Šibenik ), fennel and beans. Inspired by the flavors and spices British MasterChef decided to prepare pasta with Adriatic scampi and two kinds of fish in one of the streets in the city center.







Biograd na Moru




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